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STRUM Domestic Full Tanned Steer Hide Burning Dyed Jacket


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1. Cow Leather [Shell]

Size (cm)

Size Shoulder Chest Sleeve Length
サイズ 肩幅 身幅 袖丈 着丈
Medium 43.5 50.5 60 67 

Production Area
Made in Japan

** 着用モデルサイズ:177cm 58kg Size M

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STRUM 2017 SPRING/SUMMER Collection Item.

Production Area
Made in Japan

  • Japanese tanned cow leather.
  • Burnt and product dyed after being sewn.
  • It was covered with a mix of alcohol and pigments, and then lit on.
  • The flames first burn the alcohol, then they go on the pigments, giving this item a special unique uneven coloring.
  • The flames were extinguished without burning the leather, and the pigments stayed.
  • The base was fully tanned, the more you wear it the more it gets softer, adapts to the body and gets an even more unique impression.
  • It was made using neats foot oil,(Neats foot oil 100%), giving it a great comfort an elasticity.
  • It was washed and put in a drum to dry it and create a different and vintage impression.
  • It looks 2 sizes smaller
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