Thanks you for always choosing our online store K's Clothing .


Now, we would like to thank our customers, so we are organising this




This fair is made for all our customers, buying in our shop or in the online shop.

So please have a look at this fair!





■Sale Period


From 4th June 2016(SAT) ~ (All orders from noon will have the sale discount).



■Fair details


・2 items bought → 10%OFF on the total price.

・3 items bought → 15%OFF on the total price.

・4 items bought → 20%OFF on the total price.



■Items excluded from the fair


・'16AW collection items

・Standard items

・All items by SAHRIVAR , Loud Style Design , PUERTA DEL SOL

・Reservation items or pre-order items


(*If you have any of these items in your cart, the system will not make the discount on the total price.)



■FAIR Example


・¥54,000 (Tax in) + ¥12,960 (Tax in) = ¥66,960 (Tax in) → ¥60,264 (10%OFF Tax in)

・¥86,400 (Tax in) + ¥54,000 (Tax in) + ¥12,960 (Tax in) = ¥153,360 → ¥130,356 (15%OFF Tax in)

・¥32,400 (Tax in) + ¥86,400 (Tax in) + ¥54,000 (Tax in) + ¥12,960 (Tax in) = 185,760 → ¥148,608 (20%OFF Tax in)





If any item interests you, please do not hesitate to contact us.


In this changing season, please have a look on our online shop and sale!




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