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Henri Smooth Leather


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Quick Overview

Collection Name : Jean Henri Dunant


1. Cow Leather
2. Rubber [Sole]

Size (cm)

Size Outsole Max Width Height Heel Height
43 31 10.3 - 3
44 32 10.3 - 3

Production Area
Made in Japan

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Collection Name : Jean Henri Dunant

Production Area
Made in Japan

About the Brand
White Flags is an innovative footwear label headed by Japanese Designer, Tatsuya Okonogi, a former designer of Issey Miyake. White Flags concentrates mainly on sneakers, collaborating with artists from various countries, continuously thinking outside of the box. The sneakers fuse a wide variety of cultures, which makes them able to go beyond streetwear of mode and into other genres. Each model is named and influenced after a nobel peace price winner, deriving the name from the person. White Flags strives to make a better world with each pair of shoes they make.

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