Today, we have gotten the new arrivals for the new 18ss WHITEFLAGS!

Designer, Tatsuya Okonogi, designed WHITEFLAGS footwear featuring an elegant yet mode and street. We feel that there are many items this time that are closely related to street style.

What attracts the attention especially this time is an item by collaboration with high street wear brand HACULLA (Hakura) from NY.

High Street wear brand from NY that was born by the duo contemporary artist "Harif Guzman" representing NY and the Chinese American entrepreneur "Jon Koon", and the creative director " Haculla".

They have a unique and artistic look and these collaborated pieces really shows each other's fused world view.






The brand name derived from the "white flag" which is a "symbol of peace", and the model name of every item quotes the name of the successor Noble Peace Prize winner or pacifist.

Among them, two items boasting immovable popularity, "Philip" and "Henri", have appeared in styles incorporating vintage bandana in parts.

It has become a design that makes it easy to match with street and casual looks as it has a calm atmosphere while still being playful.

We have extensive range of sizes so if you have any items you want to inquire about, please feel free to do so!







Although we have briefly introduced these pieces today, please have a look at the product page



WHITEFLAGS 2018SS Collection