We have received of first arrival from『roar』's new products! We have received 3 models of「"PISTOL" SWAROVSKI CRYSTAL KNIT DENIM BB CAP 」and the「PISTOL JACQUARD DOCUMENT CASE」.

The「"PISTOL" SWAROVSKI CRYSTAL KNIT DENIM BB CAP 」 has pistols motif made with large Swarovski pieces, often present in roar's products, in silver and black versions.

The「PISTOL JACQUARD DOCUMENT CASE」was sold out immediately after it arrived in our shop. Clutch bag material item with a new type of print on it. Due to the pre-dyeing chamblay used, it is made with a jacquard with a pistols motif print.

Other products should around at the end of the month, so we will present them to you in this blog too.

roar SS17 Collection