Today we would like to announce you the arrival of roar's iPhone6, 6S and 7 cases.

There are 3 designs available for the 6, 6s and 7 cases, and 3 designs only available for the iPhone7 cases, for a total of 6 different designs. They have a design proper to roar's style, with also more pop style ones.


The cases are made with aluminum bumper material and a back panel, and the back panel can be changed so you can buy different ones and enjoy different designs.
The bumper inner side is made with TPU material, a material that is resistant and hardly get scratches, so your iPhone will be protected.
The back panel is made with polycarbonate material, that will reduce the shock in case it falls.
The panel had an ink jet print from the inside, making a great relief design.

Even with iPhone cases, roar show their style, even with the materials, and great cost performances. So please have a look if you are interested.


 iphone 7 Case 



17SRQ-IP71 - roar iphone case 17SRQ-IP71-clear - roar iphone case
17SRQ-IP72 - iPhone7 CASE - roar
17SRQ-IP73 - iPhone7 CASE - roar
17SRQ-IP74 - iPhone7 CASE - roar 17SRQ-IP75 - iPhone7 CASE - roar




 iphone 6 or 6s Case 



17SRQ-IP61-black - iPhone6 CASE - roar
17SRQ-IP61-clear - iPhone6 CASE - roar