Today we would like to present you roar's『"MOSAIC PISTOL" Hot Fix Made by Zanter Gobelin Tapestry × T/R Stretch Twill Down Vest』and drestrip's『Deerskin High-necked jacket – drestrip』used in a coordinate.

The down vest and sweat pants, with the sneakers make a casual impression base, and the leather used together creates a nice street style.

We chose the leather, track jacket type to try not to break the rough image.


roar x drestrip Styling 01

roar x drestrip Styling 02



roar Deerskin High-necked jacket - drestrip
Tapestry × T/R Stretch Twill Down Vest
Deerskin High-necked jacket



Recently we can see many people matching items this way with a down vest. You can enjoy this item different ways, depending on how you match it with other items, for example giving some twist to it or many other possibilities.



roar x drestrip Styling 03


This thin and beautiful deer leather keeps the lightness of a usual track jacket, the best material for this type. This easy to use leather jacket also has a water repellent capacity. The white line on the sleeve creates a nice design and impression to this jacket.


roar x drestrip Styling 04


The sewing difference of this jacquard creates an uneven impression. This down vest made with gobelin fabric has a vintage-like flower motif. This is clearly a great item perfect for winter. It is also very easy to use since it is easy to take off when you do not need it. 


roar x drestrip Styling 05

roar x drestrip Styling 06


roar x drestrip Styling 07

roar x drestrip Styling 08


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