As the cold days continue to strive and snow covers the floor, we have some heavy outer wears for you to keep warm during the stinging cold winds. As we are having a sale right now, please do check them out and grab the opportunity to buy these items! 

We will be pinking out from coats and down jackets from roar and ATTCK THE MIND 7.


roar  『Weather Cloth & Fake Cloth Coat』

This coat is made with T/C Weather Cloth and has a high density, able to repel both water and snow. With Thinsulate Ex-soft light and hyper resistant against the cold, you will get not only comfort but also stay dry and warm throughout your day. The hood is made of racoon fur and is also removable. 


roar Weather Cloth & Fake Cloth Coat article 02

roar Weather Cloth & Fake Cloth Coat article 03



roar  『"PISTOL" SWAROVSKI Wool Knit Flannel x Rugano Nylon Rip-Stop Down』

This hooded down jacket is made with a wool knit fabric that is highly resistant to wind. The sleeves and the back is a durable 20D high density nylon ripstop and has a high heat retention as well. This down is also made from a down maker that has the longest history of making downs in Japan. This piece also has a style like parka and is great for everyday use.

roar roar  



roar "PISTOL" SWAROVSKI Crystal Nylon Taslan Chino Cloth x Polyester Taffeta Washer Down』

 This down jacket has a Riders Jacket look and the charm of this piece are the small but apparent crystals on the side pockets. The material is a cotton like texture chino fabric and has a sleek and cool silhouette. This piece is also made by the down company so you can trust that it is a reliable item. 

roar roar roar  




Made with nylon fabric, the character of this jacket is the graffiti print. The print is loud and gives this piece its charm. it has a slightly short length and gives the wearer a unique atmosphere with the matte texture and dull luster. 


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Do let us know what you think about these items and feel free to drop us an email if you have any questions.