The other day we published the product photos of Parkas from OURET which is also one of the brand's icons! 

In the category of men's items, the classic OURET has a wide range and variety of styling options. There are many different kinds of parkas but none are as high quality as these ones. The very OURET material used and the silhouette has been very well received with its stand up collar as well. Once you have tried it for yourself, you will see why we love it so much!

<Unique Stand Up Collar>

The parkas hoodies are made of soft fabric and has a casual and light weight feel but the OURET parka has one point that helps it stand out and that is the stand up collar. The design of the stand up collar at the neck gives a sense of volume and gives the collar a firm shape. Of course, if you zip it all the way, the collar will be more prominent however even if left open, the stand up collar can still be seen making it a great styling point!

<Evolution of the unique processing>

You will be able to see that there is tension in the material when you pick up a new parka hoodie. Although a thick sweater material, it is originally is very soft to the touch of the skin and after the sewing, it is processed with sulfide dyed and will not stain. This beautiful shade is created by using the sulfide dyed while producing uniquely OURET exquisite shades of colour. In addition, due to its processing, the tension in the material also comes out. If you see and touch it yourself, you can be sure to feel the uniqueness of it. As a result, the tension and tightness of the parka is born and even in the silhouette comes out in the fabric. The expression of the fabric can also give a vintage feel. The expression of the material due to the processing helps further bring out the design. The processing also gives the fabric a soft finish. Long usage and wearing will gradually follow the wearer's form. This is a piece that will last a long time and you will definitely have a lot of fun wearing it!

OURET - OURET Cotton Sweat Stand Collar Zip Parka Style 001

OURET - OURET Cotton Sweat Stand Collar Zip Parka Style 002

OURET - OURET Cotton Sweat Stand Collar Zip Parka Style 002




Stand Collar Zip Parka - Navy
Stand Collar Zip Parka - D.White
Stand Collar Zip Parka - Green
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Model is : 168cm / 57kg. Wearing : Parka Size 1 | Bottoms Size.