From roar we have received K`s Clothing 20th Anniversary Limited items long sleeve T-shirt, and zip-up hoodie. The brand trademark crossed guns are available in a different color, only in our shop.

The zip-up hoodie has gun metal color Swarovski metal pieces, making a different impression from usual and a nice contrast.

The main fabric is a high functionality water-repellent material, so it is great for young people or people often riding a bicycle.

The other products should arrive in our shop at the end of the month, so please look forward to discovering them.


In 2017 for K's Clothing 20th Anniversary, we will have limited items from ROAR, READYMADE and other brands. So please wait for them!

roar 2017 SS Collection






We had an arrival from kiryuyrik. A check shirt, a center seam pair of short pants and center seam slim fit full length pants. The collection focused on black really has a very nice kiryuyrik style.

Kiryuyrik 17SS Collection






From dirty toy, we have received their 17SS new products. Medium thickness fleece lining no sleeve hoodie. The front has the brand logo made with a painting design oil print. It had a damage finishing and the silhouette is a big size. There are pockets on both sides. Great to use as an outer or layered.

Dirtytoy 2017SS Collection