Continuing from yesterday, we had a new arrival from STRUM with a new cut-sew.

Different from the cut-sew presented yesterday, today's product is made with a boucle yarn weft plain weave plain stitch fabric. Boucle yarn is composed of a core around which a thick yarn was twisted and coupled with another yarn to create small loops. The boucle usually used for Autumn and Winter is used here for a Spring and Summer piece and made into a cool touch and soft skin contact material. It has a nep feeling for this cut-sew product.

It is soft and comfortable, and it has just the right loose fit silhouette.




STRUM Summer Loop Yarn Jersey T-shirt 



As for the cut-sew from yesterday it is a great item than can be used a lot in many different coordinates. This kind of cut-sew is especially easy to use with your other items while keeping a good balance.

This item will not make you feel a very new impression, but a relaxed and well balanced feeling.


new-arrivals-from-strum-20127-04-06 01

new-arrivals-from-strum-20127-04-06 05

new-arrivals-from-strum-20127-04-06 06

new-arrivals-from-strum-20127-04-06 07

new-arrivals-from-strum-20127-04-06 08

new-arrivals-from-strum-20127-04-06 08



Summer Loop Yarn Jersey T-shirt


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