Today we will present you our newly arrived STRUM『Lyocell Cotton MVS Jersey T-shirt』.

This cut-sew is a classical item, and everyone has at least worn this kind of item once in their life.

I personally have this kind of problem too, I want to wear a different inner type or color, and I feel I do not have enough pieces in my wardrobe, and I think this happen to many people too.

In this case, this kind of classical inner is really a great piece.

So we recommend you STRUM superb quality items such as this one.


STRUM Lyocell Cotton MVS Jersey T-shirt



It is made with a lyocell and cotton blended material called MVS. This gives this product a silk-like glossiness, it has few fluffing, and this plain stitch material has a nice touch with its natural dry feeling.

The silhouette is just the right medium loose fit. A too tight item may leave the skin apparent but this kind of piece keeps this from happening and makes a superb silhouette.

new-arrivals-from-strum-20127-04-06 01


The neck opening too is not too large, but is easy to take off and put on. Usually with too much accumulating the coordinate balance may be broken, or it may become too informal but this piece shows just the right impression from your coordinate.


new-arrivals-from-strum-20127-04-06 02

new-arrivals-from-strum-20127-04-06 03

new-arrivals-from-strum-20127-04-06 04

new-arrivals-from-strum-20127-04-06 05


We chose to match it with a leather item, perfect for this season. The jacket here is also from STRUM, the「Domestic Full Tanned Calf Skin Double Riders」.

It was nicely oiled, and had a product dying while the oil had already been applied, so it has a nice touch and elasticity while looking massive and strong, with a surprising softness.


new-arrivals-from-strum-20127-04-06 05

new-arrivals-from-strum-20127-04-06 06

new-arrivals-from-strum-20127-04-06 07


The pants used here are simple pants, roar's「"DAMAGE" BROKEN TWILL STRETCH PANTS」for a classical style. They have an interesting and pleasant feeling, and they will make you a cool impression style.


new-arrivals-from-strum-20127-04-06 08



Lyocell Cotton MVS Jersey T-shirt
Calf Skin Double Riders


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask us.

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