This week we have received 2 models of denim pants from STRUM and new products from Kiryuyrik's 2017AW Collection.

From Kiryuyrik we have received an ink jet print motif jacket, a beautiful drape impression wide tuck short slacks, and a pair of stretch denim pants with a switched part from the knee.

This jacket has an audacious print and an artistic impression.

The STRUM piece does not look like stretch denim at first, it has a real vintage impression and is available in Black or Indigo. In order to show this vintage feeling it had a used finishing for a beautiful faded indigo. It is made with a 13onces denim, so it shows a tight silhouette while having a strong elasticity.

All products can be used anytime, and are very practical classic pieces. 



Kiryuyrik 17-18AW New Collection




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Kiryuyrik 2017-18AW Collection



STRUM 2017SS New Collection




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STRUM 2017SS Collection