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We have received a shirt and a long hoodie from BACKBONE.

The long hoodie is made with a casual flannel fabric, and has cut-off switched parts on the waist as well as for the shirt, and a relief accent with the chest pockets. The hand spun silk yarn implanted in the weft avoiding raw silk rags gives this casual flannel shirt hoodie a natural feeling and unevenness.
When opened it looks rather large at the opening, and we recommend to roll the sleeves to wear this piece in a rough way.


BACKBONE 2017SS Collection





We have received a new product from BURNOUT.

6oz denim shirt made with Burnout original check fabric that had a USED finishing. The collar left part has an original brass dog tag. The reverse side of the cuffs has chambray fabric with a print on it. The turquoise impression buttons give a nice accent.

The audacious switched damaged parts, and the repair finishing give this piece a nice used feeling.

BURNOUT 2017SS Collection