This season too from Backlash Isamu Katayama 16-17AW Collection we received a leather down jacket, a product dyed Pea Coat, and tapered pants made with the same fabric. And also we have from The Line a black dyed ostrich leather long wallet.

Backlash by Isamu Katayama 16-17AW Collection


Backlash by Isamu katayama 2016-17 Autumn Winter Collection .

01. Japanese Horse Leather Down Blouson | 1600-03 | color . Black | Size. S,M | Price . 178,200 Yen
02. Cotton Stretch Product Dyed Pea Coat | 1616-03 | color . Black, Gray | Size. S, M | Price . 81,000 Yen
03. Cotton Stretch product Dyed Tapered Pants | 1616-01 | color . Black, Gray| Size. S,M | Price . 45,360 Yen 
04. The Line Ostrich Leather Sumi dyed Round Wallet | T-159 | Size. Free | Price . 47,520 Yen




It is made with a wool pile boa composed of double 40/2 cotton threads and a 10 count yarn simple wool thread. The wool simple thread creates a nice impression between the cotton threads on the surface. This knit blouson with black hair suede leather has a nice skin contact feeling and a superb heat-retaining capacity. Each of the newly arrived engineer boots was handmade by artisans and using the Goodyear technique.

STRUM 2016-17 Autumn Winter Collection .

01. Domestic Black Hide Boots | STB001-02 | color . Beige | Size. 26 | Price . 99,360 Yen Yen

02. Wool Pile Boa Jacket | STC049-03 | color . Gray | Size. S, M, L | Price . 37,800 Yen Yen





These UK lock double riders details boots sneakers have a nice impression. As for a real riders jacket, the belt and snap buttons, it is possible to use this product in 2 different ways. The new color and fabric are special, a calf velour fabric in beige color. It is soft and very easy to put on. The great cushion insole makes these boots even more comfortable.

White Flags 2016-17 Autumn Winter Collection .


01. Philip Soft Calf Leather Sneakers | WF-007CVP | color . Beige | Size. 41, 42, 43 | Price . 72,360 Yen





From MOON AGE DEVILMENT we received a sweat fabric long sleeve pullover that had a damaged finishing, and available in 3 different colors. There is also 1 model of coat. A rare type of coat at K's Clothing, a pink grey coat. A new style that we not yet had at K's Clothing.

MOON AGE DEVILMENT 2016-17 Autumn Winter Collection .


01. Moonage Devilment mjk-0184 | mjk-0184 | color . Pink Gray | Size. 44 | Price . 41,040 Yen

02. Moonage Devilment mcs-0459 | mcs-0459 | color . Gray, Wine , Khaki | Size. 44,46 | Price . 41,040 Yen




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