This week we received the "Wrap Coat", the "Oversized Cut-Sew" and the "Slim Pants" from Kiryuyrik from their 16-17AW Collection ! We have Kiryuyrik-like edgy products.

Kiryuyrik 2016-17 AW Collection





And we also have the Double Riders Jacket Motif Down Jacket and the Tweed and Leather Coat from roar 's 16-17AW Collection.

roar 2016-17AW Collection





From BACKBONE we received a Duffle Coat in Black and Brown versions. The polyester core thread around which are untwisted wool threads make a great softness and a pleasant touch as well as a beautiful silhouette.

BACKBONE 2016-17AW Collection





From drestrip we received 2 models of pullover knit with an uneven feeling making a Star★ motif with the relief.

drestrip 2016-17AW Collection




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