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This week we have received from ATTACK THE MIND 7 16-17AW Collection their down jacket|a MA-1 flight jacket|a pea coat|and a stole. "GRAFFITI=Messages written in the nature which design and details are used in these products. The leather is used for a more POP feeling and strong impact visual. A great item to bring a good change to your coordinates.


ATTACK THE MIND 7 AW16-17 Collection




From Backlash we received a Kangaroo Leather Down Jacket. This luxurious product is very light and comfortable. It has a superb heat-retaining capacity.

Backlash 2016-17 Autumn Winter Collection .






From backbone we received a dark tone Chester field coat. It had resin in many different parts, and was then high pressure pressed, creating this glossiness to this double layer thick melon fabric. The seams had a strong finishing and have a good relief impression.

Backbone 2016-17 Autumn Winter Collection .








From roar 16-17AW Collection we have received a down jacket made with water repellent finishing cow leather, and a nylon rip fabric with polyester weft inside. The hood and body are made with a water repellent finishing cow leather. The down is from the company「Zanter」. The wool and non-woven polyester herringbone fabric is made by a Japanese company. The down jacket is available in 2 models, and are very light and warm thanks to the high quality down used.

roar 16-17 AW Collection








From drestrip we received a simple but great fastener double riders jacket.

drestrip 2016-17 Autumn Winter Collection .








The long shirt and zip parka layered product, or trend for this season MA-1 Flight Jacket in Khaki or Navy color arrived.

MOON AGE DEVILMENT 2016-17 Autumn Winter Collection .








From BURNOUT we received a pullover parka with a print on the center, or a nice neck sweater.

BURNOUT 2016-17 Autumn Winter Collection .