SALE Start information

Thank you for always choosing K's Clothing. Along with the new products arrival, we would like to inform you about our SALE start.


■ Date  :   From December 27th at 12:00

■ UP TO 40% OFF


 In our shop and online store, we will start our SALE from December 27th at 12:00. Except for some products not part of the SALE, the discounted products have a discount up to 40%. The SALE is different for each brand, so please check the product pages carefully.

For roar, according to the maker's wishes, the sale prices are not displayed. To be able to see the prices you can put the product in your cart and then check the price inside of your cart and purchase it on sale price.


If you have any question about the products or prices please contact us.

We are waiting for you in our shop!



This week we have received Kiryuyrik 2017SS Collection's rib sleeve「Short Rib Moods」, and heir nice pattern construction「Lapel Short JKT」. You can use it for a casual style.


Kiryuyrik 2017 Spring Summer Collection.




From dirtytoy too we had the first arrival of the season. Their big silhouette「Diamonds Logo Piping T-Shirt」has an Oil-based brand icon print on the front. The Neckline, sleeves, hem and slits are made with cotton fabric that had a bias piping to reinforce the design. The 「dirty Paint Logo T-Shirt」using reproduced fabric has the brand logo made with an Oil-based print. It has a unique worn texture.

dirtytoy 2017 Spring Summer Collection.






From DeeTA we received their denim pants. Made with Japan-made 14 ounces original Red&Black Selvedge denim. This shuttle vintage piece has just the right vertical drape feeling, that will adapt to your body and become an even nicer denim as you wear it. There are tack buttons and DeeTA original rivet pieces. The crotch rivets are dyads rivets. This piece shows a nice vintage and manly impression thanks to its details.

DeeTA 2017 Spring Summer Collection .