25th November (Saturday) , from 3pm onwards



【Loud Style Design | SPEED SPECTER[LAST×FAST]】 



The designer, Mr Tomoki Takachou will also be present to talk directly about the design, image and production background so we do hope you will attend this event. You will also be able to see the samples at hand and try them on as well. This even is especially great for those who want to communicate directly with the designer so please do come by!





◆Exhibition Items◆

Loud Style Design[THE NUMBER OF FUCKER]collection will be availble for purchase. The 「BEAST HATE」「ANOTHER HEAVEN」 can also be ordered. For when the delivery will be, please check with the staff on that day.



◆Custom Studs◆

We can accept studs custom using studded parts prepared on the day of the event. Combinations with items you already have are also possible. Please refrain from combining with other silver accessory brands. The event crew will decide the custom amount price. For studs custom with clothes and caps, troubles may occur depending on the material and place, so please be sure to consult with the event crew. On the day of the event, studs custom is also available for clothes etc. that the customer brings in, but it will correspond after receiving your signature on the consent form we prepared. For the delivery date, please check with the staff on the day.



◆Item created on the event day◆

You can see the process when the designer himself actually produces the item. Regarding prices and sales, it will be announced on that day itself.



◆Engraving · Name carving◆

Items you purchased on that day can be engrave and name carved on any item you already have. Depending on the designated place and the number of characters, we might refuse.







3:00 ~





K's Clothing (OSAKA CITY)





We hope you will take this opportunity to come by!

Do let us know if you have any other questions.





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