We would like to announce you the new update for the new products we have received from kiryuyrik. Uneven weave, shadowy and nice texture long cardigan available in 2 colors, short mods look ribs on a unique knit. These items have a nice work on the materials and the design, for a style proper to kiryuyrik.

On January 20th, we should have an important arrival of new product from roar. We will do our best to update the website with these products the quickest possible, so please look forward to having a look at them!


kiryuyrik 『Shawl Cardigan』


kiryuyrik Shawl Cardigan 02

kiryuyrik Shawl Cardigan 03



kiryuyrik 『Shawl Cardigan』


roar roar  






roar roar roar





If you have questions about the products, please feel free to contact us!