It has already been 3 days since the new year, but how has it been for you this new year? Many customers have come for new year greetings, and we were really happy to see them. We will do our best this year too to give you the best service. Thank you to the customers who will come during this new year greetings period.

For the first blog of the year we chose to present you the『Short Rib Moods』with kiryuyrik's 17SS 『Lapel Short JKT』that arrived last month.


roar x drestrip Styling 01

roar x drestrip Styling 02



kiryuyrik Lapel Short JKT
Lapel Short JKT



Every season kiryuyrik makes high quality and elegant colors products.

This brand has a different approach of masculinity from BACKLASH and roar that are also present in our shop.


roar x drestrip Styling 05

roar x drestrip Styling 06


This product is the 17SS short length version of the lapel coat that was released for the AW Collection. It is shorter, and less thick than the coat, giving a very different impression.

It is less thick, and the sewing is great, and the nice elasticity material used gives this product a superb resistance.



roar x drestrip Styling 07

roar x drestrip Styling 08


By opening it completely it changes to a large collar. Many jackets of this type are hard to use when opened, but Kiryuyrik's long years experience can make this kind of great pattern work with also a superb symmetry. The impression of this jacket completely changes, and can be arranged easily depending on the style of your coordinate.


roar x drestrip Styling 09

roar x drestrip Styling 09


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