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Today, we have gotten the new arrivals for the new 18ss WHITEFLAGS! Designer, Tatsuya Okonogi, designed WHITEFLAGS footwear featuring an elegant yet mode and street. We feel that there are many items this time that are closely related to street style. What attracts the attention especially this time is an item by collaboration with high street wear brand HACULLA (Hakura) from NY.

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Dec 28, 2017 8:23:05 PM By K's Clothing WHITEFLAGS, 18AW, 18SS, new arrivals, Blog White Flags - Article News

Today we will present you a coordinate using products from these 4 different brands: roar、AYUITE、DeeTA、White Flags. Each item is rather simple, so you can enjoy and feel the touch and philosophy of each brand from this coordinate.

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Today's coordinate is an all black style using Kiryuyrik's cut jacquard「Shawl Cardigan」. We also added items from roar and dirtytoy to this all black style.

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Today we would like to present you a different style denim on denim coordinate. We used roar's「roar 7oz VINTAGE DENIM SHIRT 」, the inner is from AYUITE, the pants are BACKBONE's「BLACK STRETCH DENIM KNEE CRASHED SKINNY」and the sneakers are White Flags's「KAZUYUKI KUMAGAI+WHITE FRAGS Charles」.

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It is getting warmer and warmer recently, but a little bit too early for coordinates with short sleeves. For this kind of period, this check shirt from BURNOUT is great to be worn as a jacket.

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Spring weather always easily changes, but it is even worse this year. But temperatures rose more slowly than usual and we hear than many of our customers are wearing leather jackets. So for today we thought about presenting youroar's「SHEEP LEATHER BLOUSON」in a street style with a loose sizing.

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Today we will present you strong item that will show a strong impact in your coordinate. Today an American casual style with BACKBONE's「INDIGO STRETCH DENIM COLLARLESS」,「ORGANIC COTTON LAYERED RAW-EDGE BORDER T-SHIRT」and roar's「GRAFFITTI PRINT MILITARY RIPSTOP HALF PANTS」that have great features easy to understand. The shoes here are the White Flags「Henri Vulcanized」for a street style coordinate.

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Apr 29, 2017 5:15:30 PM By K's Clothing BACKBONE, roar, White Flag's, 17ss, , Blog roar - Article White Flags - Article Coordinate

Today we will present you a coordinate using BACKBONE's「COTTON × SILK FUZZ PLAID RAW-EDGE HOODIE」.

With STRUM7s new product「Summer Loop Yarn Jersey T-shirt」as an inner, and DeeTA's「DOUGLAS LOOSE SKINNY B×B AnarchyGray 14oz selvage denim 3D」for the pants.

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Apr 24, 2017 3:56:29 PM By K's Clothing BACKBONE, STRUM, DeeTA, WHITEFLAGS, 17ss, Blog White Flags - Article DeeTA - Article Coordinate

This street style has a big silhouette that received a lot of attention during the Paris collection.

Recently there are many relaxed and loose simple items, and the items we selected are gradually changing for different silhouette balance and material ones. And among them, some are close to the style I used to wear.

Burnout's「Pile Short Sleeve Big Pullover Hoodie」is a great piece for this kind of style, following the trend and which could become an iconic item.

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The weather has changed and it is perfect now for leather jackets. I personally like light ones, but we also have strong presence and attraction pieces too.

Today we will present you a casual and slightly mature coordinate constructed around STRUM's「Domestic Full Tanned Steer Hide Burning Dyed Jacket」.

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Apr 12, 2017 11:50:29 AM By K's Clothing AYUITE, STRUM, OVERDESIGN, BACKLASH, 17ss, Blog White Flags - Article DeeTA - Article Coordinate
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