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We have received the mexican double shoulder base Isamu Katayama BACKLASH「Mexican double shoulder dye products 35mm belt-red」and 2 necklaces, 1 charm and 1 bangle from PUERTA DEL SOL. This is a great season for accessories, and these are perfect for an elegant style an high quality items you can surely use for a long time.Read More

Today, we would like to introduce 2 BACKLASH accessories to you, the Silver+Ruby WalletChain BACKLASH THE LINE Ostrich Leather Sumi dyed Round Wallet.

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May 19, 2017 2:15:00 PM By K's Clothing BACKLASH, 17SS, Blog Backlash by isamu katayama - Article Coordinate

This STRUM「High Land Lamb Skin Silky Suede」arrived a bit before in our shop. This item is a long cardigan made with leather, rare for this kind of item, and has a very unique presence even among all the jacket and blouson we have in our shop. Recently we presented you leather items, but today we will present you more “unique” items.

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May 15, 2017 3:00:25 PM By K's Clothing STRUM, BACKBONE, BACKLASH, 17SS, , Blog Backlash by isamu katayama - Article Coordinate

Spring weather always easily changes, but it is even worse this year. But temperatures rose more slowly than usual and we hear than many of our customers are wearing leather jackets. So for today we thought about presenting youroar's「SHEEP LEATHER BLOUSON」in a street style with a loose sizing.

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The piece from OURET we used here is a very different style compared to the other brands, but this kind of mix is a different and pleasant way to show the qualities of each product. Just by looking at the brands this may look like an impossible coordinate, but you can clearly and nicely feel the strength of each creation of these brands in this original mix coordinate.

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roar 16FRV-01A

After the「Zip Up Hoodie」from dirtytoy we have received their『Diamonds Embroidery Denim Pants』.

The rise is deep for just the right looseness feeling to this straight silhouette item. This DIRTYTOY Denim is made with a 13.5oz and we recommend you these pants that you can wear during any season of the year.

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The last we presented you roar's chester coat, and today we would like to present you BACKLASH's 『Wool Melton Chester Coat』.

This Chester Coat has the usual classical feeling, but with also a nice and unique BACKLASH feeling added to it, with some originality brought to this piece.

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BACKBONE Wool Melton Bright Edge Chester Coat Styling 07

We have suddenly a very important demand for Down items and coats, among which BACKBONE's『WOOL MELTON BRIGHT EDGE CHESTER COAT』.

We received many great comments about these products, but winter was slow to come and many customers were hesitating to purchase this coat. But now that the temperatures have gone down, many customers are asking us questions or even coming to our shop to see it.

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It is really becoming cold now that we are in December. Thanks to this many of our products for winter have been sold, and we really start to feel the winter season.

Today we would like to present you Isamu Katayama BACKLASH's『 Japanese Horse Leather Down Blouson』. There are only some pieces left, and many people are interested in this great leather item.


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Today we will present you a product we received last week, GUIDI's『DONKEY FULL GRAIN DERBY SHOES』.

When ordering to GUIDI it is possible to choose the leather, the sole height or other details. For our shop we always try to have rare models you would not see in other shops.We ordered these GUIDI short boots in donkey leather. Compared to horse or calf, it has a nice glossiness, and a very unique grain impression. It uses the simple and strong goodyear technique, making comfortable and strong boots.

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