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It is getting warmer and warmer recently, but a little bit too early for coordinates with short sleeves. For this kind of period, this check shirt from BURNOUT is great to be worn as a jacket.

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This street style has a big silhouette that received a lot of attention during the Paris collection.

Recently there are many relaxed and loose simple items, and the items we selected are gradually changing for different silhouette balance and material ones. And among them, some are close to the style I used to wear.

Burnout's「Pile Short Sleeve Big Pullover Hoodie」is a great piece for this kind of style, following the trend and which could become an iconic item.

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We have received 7 models of t-shirts from BURNOUT.

There are T-shirts with a damaging finishing on the neck and the sleeve hem, a texture resembling the one of a worn shirt with a native american drawing image print, a piece with tucks that were put in different directions, different impression on these new models.

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Apr 8, 2017 12:40:11 PM By Tsuyoshi Tokunaga burnout, 17ss, New Arrivals, arrival, new, , Blog News BURNOUT - Article

This week it is getting warmer, and we have received new items for spring from BACKBONE and BURNOUT.

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Mar 31, 2017 5:44:41 PM By K's Clothing burnout, backbone, 17ss, New Arrivals, , Blog News BURNOUT - Article

roar Kiryuyrik Dirtytoy Burnout New In

We have just uploaded the newly arrived items from various brands so please check them out. We have new items that will be perfect for the coming spring and summer as well as some pieces that can be worn all year round.

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roar | ロアー

Today we had a delivery from roar and received their『Weather Cloth & Fake Cloth Coat』so we would like to present it to you today.

This military coat is made with a great water repellent capacity high density T/C weather, and has batting made by the company 3M , 「Thinsulate Ex-Soft」 which is light and strong against cold. It is perfect for cold winters. The hood is made with a top-class raccoon fur. This casual military type coat has a luxurious feeling thanks to this fur.

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BURNOUT | バーンアウト

Today we would like to present you products from BURNOUT, that is popular among artist, such as UVERworld's TAKUYA and EXILE's TAKAHIRO – With BURNOUT's oversized sweat, parka in 2 colors, and a shirt also available in 2 different colors.

So today we will present you the newly arrived products.

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Nov 8, 2016 4:38:57 PM By K's Clothing BURNOUT, 16 17aw, 16-17aw, , Blog Coordinate News BURNOUT - Article
BURNOUT ドレープニット カーディガン

Good evening. Today we present you a coordinate using new arrivals from【BURNOUT】. We already sold this brand's items before in our shop. Made by the long career designer Kawamura, it is made for men and with a concept of anti-hero hero image, and with a unique and personal taste. Very high quality products and relatively good cost performances for this collection. Very good to wear during summer, show a very natural feeling. Its design will make you want to go out once you wear it. Great recommendation for a cool and casual coordinate style.

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May 30, 2016 7:32:22 PM By K's Clothing Blog Coordinate BURNOUT - Article
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