Today we updated the website and added our new products. BACKLASHOVERDESIGN Kiryuyrik | roar | STRUM| MOON AGE DEVILMENT were updated, so please have a look.


Here are the new products that were added to the website.


backlash 16aw バックラッシュ01 backlash 16aw バックラッシュ02 backlash 16aw バックラッシュ03

This week too we receive coats and bottoms and other items from Backlash Isamu Katayama 16-17AW Collection

The coat is made with melton, tweed and leather, beautifully made by BACKLASH into this manly and quality impression item available in 3 models.

This stand collar pullover type shirt available in 3 models had fulling applied, and has a soft feeling.

This denim had a crushed process and was also repaired to give it this long use feeling. It was repaired with different denim parts making the impression even more realistic. The back pocket studs give a different and special touch to these chino pants.

We also received the grey version of the Product Dyed Steer Leather Sneakers.



roar ロアー 16秋冬

We received new items from roar 16-17AW Collection

Made with very high stretchiness fabric, the surface in made with plain stitch fabric, and the inside with pile. Both fabrics assembled feeling make a beautiful impression and a comfortable item. The front is a changed part. The『Noodle Cloth』using large polyesther threads has a good tension and texture. It looks like japanese udon and it does not move much, so it shows a random uneven impression, main characteristic of this hood jacket.

It is made with 12oz stretch uneven denim threads. The front pocket has Swarovski crystals and metal parts below it, making the form of the brand symbolic double guns, with a smile added to them. These jeans available in 2 models have a straight fit silhouette construction.



over design オーバーデザイン 16AW

OVERDESIGN | 2016-17 Autumn Winter Collection. 

From OVERDESIGN we received the bleached denim set up, simple and solid crushed denim.



MOON AGE DEVILMENT| 2016-17 Autumn Winter Collection. 

We received these waffle fabric light zip up parka and sneakers.



strum ストラム ハット

STRUM | 2016-17 Autumn Winter Collection 

STRUM | From theur 2016-17 Autumn Winter Collection we received this hat. It is made with Portugal rabbit fur. The parts are made with deer skin, and original silver 925 parts. It had a form memory process applied so it is hard to deform, it is possible to fold it so it is a very easy to use hat.




Kiryuyrik | 2016-17 Autumn Winter Collection.

From kiryuyrik we received the double breast and riders type long jacket. The hard image double riders has a melton body and leather sleeves married in a luxurious sharp form and impression.