It is already the end of the year. We felt it really quick. We would like to thank all our customers who came to our shop or on our online store, and also all the brands who always provide us great quality products. We hope you will keep choosing our shop next year too!


Today, we would like to present you kiryuyrik's 17SS new products『Short Rib Moods』and『Heat Tech Jersey Leggings』used in a Spring coordinate.


roar x drestrip Styling 01

roar x drestrip Styling 02



kiryuyrik Short Rib Moods kiryuyrik Print Heat Tech Jersey Leggings
Short Rib Moods
Print Heat Tech Jersey Leggings



It was also used in the brand's look, and this short rib mods coat had many comments even before being in our shop. The sleeve has ribs up to the elbow, so the hem is rather tight and the design has a nice gap design between this tightness and nice volume areas.

The overall volume is well matched by the large hood, making a nice balance construction.


roar x drestrip Styling 05

roar x drestrip Styling 06


It has a pattern work with mods coat and mountain parka details. The material are very well used to come to this result. The neck part volume is a great point of this product, and bring some accent to this simple looking piece, that also has a superb comfort.


roar x drestrip Styling 07

Leggings, cropped pants, and short are items that can and are now worn rather commonly during any season.

These randomly coated leggings have a nice street feeling, and a good presence.



roar x drestrip Styling 07

roar x drestrip Styling 08

roar x drestrip Styling 09

roar x drestrip Styling 09


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